Festival Overview

Festival Overview

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Festival Overview

Festival Overview

Name of Festival

  • The 21th Sancheong Oriental Medicinal Herb Festival


  • Follow the path of Dongui Bogam, follow the fragrance of Sancheong medicinal herb


  • Plunge into the Healing Sancheong!

Main contents

  • Opening, closing and celebration events
  • Religious ritual for spirits of Wang mountain and Pilbong mountain, commemoration of Yoo Eui-tae, Heo Jun, opening and closing ceremony

  • Experience events
  • Sancheong Hyeminseo Oriental Medicinal Herb Treatment Experience, oriental medicine anti-aging industry exhibition/ experience zone, medicinal herb experience, foot bath experience, oriental medicine energy experience and more

  • Exhibitions
  • Exhibition of medicinal herbs growing in Jiri mountain, medicinal herb food, special exhibition in Sancheong oriental medicine museum, Sancheong medicinal herb hall Cultural art events: Skit, Korean traditional music performance and more

  • Cultural art events
  • Skit, Korean traditional music performance and more

  • Competition
  • Challenge! Heo Jun Golden Bell, national anti-aging silver chorus competition, finding traditional Nongju Teojutdaegam

  • Affiliated events
  • Buddhist culture celebration, Gisan Korean music celebration (Korean traditional music competition) and more

  • Sanencheong Cheongjeonggol Market
  • Medicinal herb market, agricultural goods market, souvenir market

Festival History

  • The festival was first held in 2001 and was designated as the promising festival in 2008 by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and as the excellent festival for 4 consecutive years since 2013 in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
  • Korea Cultural Tourism Representative Festival in 2019
  • Korea Cultural Tourism Designated Festival in 2020 ~ 2022

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